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How to Change the Water Heater Temperature

water heater temperature in Raleigh by Streamline Services

Water Heater Temperature Inconsistencies?

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Scalding showers, like cold showers, are never fun to experience. Fortunately, they can be avoided by carefully managing your water heater temperature. Balance is key when setting the temperature. Setting it too highs increases your risk of scalding, while lower temperatures allow certain bacteria to survive. At Streamline Services, we can tell you how to adjust the temperature and what you should set it to.

Here’s how to change the water heater temperature:

While some differences depend on the model and type of water heater, they aren’t too different. A gas model with a tank usually has its temperature controls behind an insulated access panel. As for electrical tank models, it depends on how new it is. Newer ones tend to have the access panel gas ones have, but electric models, in general, may also have temperature controls on the top or bottom of the tank. Tankless models are simple to adjust, as they have a readout that features the controls and displays the temperature.

No matter how you change the temperature, always make sure you test the water heater temperature before and after changing it. You can do this by turning the hot water on at a sink and holding a thermometer under the water for a minute.

As for what water heater temperature to choose…

There are two commonly suggested temperatures you can use for your home’s water. To protect yourself from scalding, set it to 120°F. The U.S. Department of Energy suggests this one to protect yourself and your family. This temperature also takes less energy for your water heater to reach and makes hard water less damaging. However, OSHA recommends 140°F (the factory setting) to kill off bacteria that causes Legionnaire’s Disease, which is more resistant to heat than other bacteria. It often shows up in older water systems and in water storage systems that sit outside or let water stagnate.

Our recommendation is to set your water heater to 120°F unless you know your home is at risk for LD. It’s also worth setting the temperature to 140°F if somebody in your household has a sensitive or compromised immune system. If you do go with 140°F, consider getting an anti-scald device for your home.

What makes Streamline Services a trusted name in plumbing?

Streamline Services is a fourth-generation family-owned home service company that began in the early 1920s. We have a passion for what we do and our owner Bob Sweet has been in the trade business for a very long time. Here at Streamline, we strive to bring you happiness for you and your home. The relationships we cultivate and develop among ourselves and with customers is something we pride ourselves with every day.

We are constantly educating ourselves to communicate with clients and customers on their home and don’t talk at you at a technical level when solving your problems. Rather, we enjoy solving problems for you and talk to you as a person. Call Streamline today to learn more about our water heater services.

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