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Ways You Can Cut Back Your AC Costs This Summer

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As temperatures continue to rise this summer, it’s likely that you will be spending more time indoors to stay cool. While you have the AC cranked this summer, you may be wasting money without realizing it. Here’s a few that you can cut back on your AC costs this summer:

Keep a Fan Handy

On the days and nights that aren’t excruciatingly hot, do you really need to crank the AC full blast? A fan isn’t capable of cooling down an entire room or area like an air conditioning unit can. However, as long as it’s on, it can bring the immediate temperature down nearly 10 degrees due to its wind chill. They are often a more convenient choice as most models are portable. Ceiling fans are no exception, either! They help to disperse air evenly throughout an entire room or open area. Like your AC, they should only be kept on when you need them. Forgetting to shut them off will lead to wasted electricity.

Use Your AC Responsibly

You don’t need to set your AC to the lowest temperature to be comfortable. By keeping it at a reasonable temperature, you will surely see the savings on your electric bill. You should also turn it off when you’re not around. Unless you have pets that need to stay cool, or your home heats up very quickly, you don’t need your AC on when you’re gone. Programmable thermostats can make this easier for you – they can lower temperatures or turn off your cooling system when you need them to.

Maintenance is Key

The most important part in keeping your cooling system working properly is routine maintenance performed by a trained professional. This allows a technician to fully examine and service your entire system – from the outdoor unit to the ventilation system. If there are any issues or areas of concern, they will be fixed before they have time to escalate. Routine maintenance boosts energy efficiency, reliability, and give your AC a longer lifespan. It also helps you keep the air quality in your home safe! To schedule your tune-up, call Streamline today!

Close Your Curtains

Most people don’t realize that something as simple as closing your curtains, blinds, or shades during the day can help keep your home cool. Heat from the sun can quickly raise the temperature in your home – especially if you keep the shades drawn all day. Not only does closing them keep the heat out, it helps to trap the cool air inside. If the temperature is already lowered in your house, you won’t need to put as much stress on your AC. This will help you save money on your utilities.

Avoid Excessive Heat Buildup

When temperatures are scorching outdoors, you can help stay cool indoors by minimizing chores and activities that quickly cause the heat to build up. Using your oven or stove, running the dishwasher, drying clothes in the dryer – these are all heat generating activities. Instead, you can use the microwave or grill to cook or let your clothes dry outdoors. Finding alternatives for these routine activities will help you stay cool and comfortable indoors while cutting back on your electricity bill.

Here at Streamline Services, we want you to stay cool and comfortable all summer long. For all of your cooling needs, give us a call! We’re ready to help you!


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