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9 Reasons You Need Sewer Repair in North Carolina

sewer repair in North Carolina by Streamline

Sewer Repair in North Carolina

Signs You Need To Call The Professionals

Your home’s plumbing includes not only the pipes that bring water in but the pipes that take water out. When water goes down your drains, it goes into your home’s sewage system, where it’s safely removed from your property. Because this water is all considered waste, damage to your sewage system can be a serious problem. Also, sewer pipes go underneath your property, so keeping them healthy is important. If you suspect you’ll need a sewer repair in North Carolina, keep an eye out for these signs of damaged sewer pipes.

Here are nine signs you should call us for sewer repair in North Carolina:


Inefficient drains

Slow drains may be a sign of sewer damage, but that’s not always the case. If only a few of your drains are acting up, you likely just have a clogged pipe. However, home-wide drain issues mean your problem is deeper in the sewer line. Some of the more common sources of these sorts of problems include tree roots, flushed objects stuck in the piping, and cracked piping.


Higher water bills

If you keep an eye on your utility bills, you may be able to notice sewer damage before it’s obvious. Damaged pipes often leak, and that leaking water will cause your water bills to rise. If your bills rise and your regular plumbing pipes seem fine, the problem might be inside a sewer pipe.


Lower water pressure

Even if it’s where your water leaves your home, sewer pipes can affect your plumbing’s water pressure. The slightest of damage has the capability of hurting your water pressure. If your home’s water pressure is weak, call us and we can help find what’s causing your problem.


Strangely vigorous grass

Because sewer pipes often run underneath yards and gardens, sewer pipe damage can affect your garden. A broken pipe can provide a steady supply of water for your garden, making it more vigorous. However, you’ll want to fix the pipe up as soon as you can. The bacteria in the sewage can eventually kill your garden.


Vermin and insects

Despite what you may think about it, animals have a surprising amount of interest in the stench of sewage. For instance, mice, rats, and other rodents often flock to pools of stagnant water. Meanwhile, insects like mosquitoes often use stagnant water for breeding.


Noisy pipes

Pipes always make a bit of noise as water runs through them. However, you should be concerned when you hear louder gurgling noise when there’s no water running. This generally means a clog in the pipes is trapping air in the pipes, which is making the noises. Sewer repair in North Carolina can help remedy this!


Pools of septic water

Seeing pools of bad-smelling water around your home is rarely a good sign. Depending on where the sewer line damage is, you may find pools of septic water around your yard, home, or driveway. If you see these gross puddles, call us as soon as you can so we can arrange some repairs or replacements.


Bad odors

Unsurprisingly, sewage can smell pretty bad, but your sewer pipes are airtight to keep the sewage from getting loose. When these pipes get damaged, the smell can get out and be noticed around your property. Also, clogs in the sewer lines can sometimes get bad enough to be smelt from your drains.


Damaged foundation

Damage to your home’s foundation is one of the most serious symptoms of a damaged sewer line. Over a decent period, damaged sewer lines can leak out sewage and weaken your home’s foundation. In extreme cases, you may see cracks in the foundation and sinkholes on your property. While you’re not likely to see any of this if you’re good about maintaining your plumbing, you should always call a professional if you see damage to your foundation.


Why is Streamline Services my best choice for keeping my sewer line in good condition?

Here at Streamline Services, we offer emergency services to the city of Raleigh, Wake County, Durham County, and Orange County. You can find us working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days out of the year. We’ll show up on Christmas before the kids wake up to open the presents, and are readily available to answer calls out of our usual service hours of 8:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Give Streamline Services a call today if you need help fixing your sewer line! Not convinced? Check out our Google Reviews! 

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