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Winter Weather AC Shut Down

ac shut down in Raleigh by Streamline Services

There’s only a month left until winter, and you should be finalizing your preparations for the winter. Snow is coming and it can damage the condenser for your AC if it isn’t protected. However, if your AC  shut down isn’t done properly, you can keep it safe and avoid an expensive repair or replacement. Read our latest blog post and you can learn how to ensure the health of your cooling system this winter.

Here are the four steps for your AC shut down


Finish any repairs for your AC

Before you get to work, you should ensure the AC and condenser are healthy. Take a look at them both and call us if they need repairs. While you’re at it, make sure the filters don’t need replacing and the seals are tight. It’s a bad idea to allow preexisting damage to linger over the winter.


Disconnect the condenser from your electricity

An important step in shutting down your cooling system is disconnecting the condenser from your home’s electricity. Condensers with power may turn themselves on if there’s a warm spell during the winter. This can cause it to take damage when it sucks in snow and ice. To disconnect the power, you need to shut off the breaker switch for the AC shut down process. You’ll often find the switch near the condenser under a flip-up lid or on the side of the house. Remember that you turn the switch back on next time you want to use it.


Clean up the condenser

With the condenser disconnected, now is a good time to get in some extra cleaning. Use your broom to sweep away any leaves and other debris on or around the condenser. Afterward, get your hose and clean off the outside cabinet by using a low-pressure spray. When it’s drying, double-check the condenser for any damage. If you find any, let us know the next time you work with us.


Cover it up

When the condenser dries off completely, get a water-proof cover and cover it up. The cover can be bought along with bungee ropes to secure it at your local hardware store. A water-proof tarp will also work, as long as it can completely cover the condenser.


Why trust Streamline Services with my unit’s health?

Streamline Services is a fourth-generation family-owned home service company that began in the early 1920s. We have a passion for what we do and our owner Bob Sweet has been in the trade business for a very long time. Here at Streamline, we strive to bring you happiness for you and your home. The relationships we cultivate and develop amongst ourselves and with customers is something we pride ourselves with every day.

We are constantly educating ourselves to communicate with clients and customers on their home and don’t talk at you at a technical level when solving your problems. Rather, we enjoy solving problems for you and talk to you as a person. Call Streamline today to learn more about preparing your home for the winter!

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