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4 Health Risks of an Old Furnace

Health Risks Of Furnace


Your family’s health and wellness is a home service providers greatest concern when performing any service in your home. Unfortunately, no service provider is able to see the future and predict when your major appliances will malfunction and put your health at risk. Therefore, they rely solely on you to check your appliances and decide to make a phone call before things get bad. Your furnace is no exception, and it can pose serious health risks to your household if its old or it hasn’t been properly maintained. Here are a few ways that a furnace in need of replacing can affect your health:


We deal with enough stress in our daily lives – your home should be a place to unwind and enjoy the company of family and friends. Unnecessary costs and skyrocketing utility bills can cause you extra stress in your home! If you notice that it’s significantly higher than usual, it means that your furnace is no longer working efficiently. An inefficient furnace requires more electricity to function and can put a serious dent in your wallet. Rather than doing guesswork on your own, you should call a specialist before you waste any more money.

Respiratory Issues

Did you know that a broken, old, or inefficient furnace can cause breathing issues for you and your loved ones? A Decrease in air quality can cause asthma symptoms can worsen, and other chest related illnesses to pop up. When your heating system needs repair it can pump dust, mold, and other pathogens into your air supply. Diminished air quality is definitely a sign that you need furnace repair or replacement and should be dealt with immediately.

Fire Hazard

It’s normal to smell gas or oil after you turn on your heating system for the first time in a while. If it still lingers after a few consecutive uses, then something isn’t right with your heating system. Contact a specialist right away to diagnose the problem, as strange odors may be more serious than you think. Not only do you have a problem with your furnace, but if these substances are leaking, it could be a fire hazard for your home.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The flame of your pilot light should always be blue. This is a visual confirmation that the gasses in your furnace are balanced and working together in perfect harmony. If you ever notice that the flame has turned yellow, you have an emergency on your hands. This means that the balance has been disrupted and that carbon monoxide is being emitted. Carbon monoxide is odorless and tasteless, and exposure can lead to serious harm or death.

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