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10 Warning Signs That Your Furnace May Be Failing

Failing Furnace

Whether you’ve owned a home for years or you just signed the papers for your first house yesterday, you will always need to keep tabs on your furnace. As a homeowner, no matter what climate you live in, chances are that you will need to check your furnace for proper function and efficiency. An unmaintained furnace can lead to a variety of problems in your home, especially during the colder months. A furnace that has gone too long without a tune-up will run up your electricity bill, as well as cost you for maintenance and repairs.


Replacing your furnace now will give you peace of mind, and guarantee you heat that is reliable no matter what the conditions may be. It will also save you the risk of repairs down the line! Here are 10 warning signs that your furnace may show when it needs to be replaced:

Strange Sounds

No old furnace is completely silent, but if it begins to make loud, scary noises, it may be in trouble. Any groans, whines, or bangs mean that a piece may have loosened or become detached inside. If you have already dumped a bunch of money into repairs, it’s in your best interest to consider replacement. Call a professional to troubleshoot as soon as you start to hear these sounds.

Thermostat Inconsistencies

When it gets chilly in your home, your natural reaction is to turn up the thermostat and wait for the temperature to rise. If that hasn’t been working lately, you need to call a professional. Proper heating is essential to your home, especially during the cold months. This could be an issue with your thermostat, or you may have leaky ducts, but it could also mean that your heating system is malfunctioning. For constant, reliable heat, call a specialist to locate the problem.

Increase in Utilities

It’s important to keep an eye on your electricity bill! If you notice that it’s significantly higher than usual, it means that your furnace is no longer working efficiently. An inefficient furnace requires more electricity to function and can put a serious dent in your wallet. Rather than doing guesswork on your own, you should call a specialist before you waste any more money.

Yellow Pilot Light

The flame of your pilot light should always be blue. This is a visual confirmation that the gasses in your furnace are balanced and working together in perfect harmony. If you ever notice that the flame has turned yellow, you have an emergency on your hands. This means that the balance has been disrupted and that carbon monoxide is being emitted. Carbon monoxide is odorless and tasteless, and exposure can lead to serious harm or death.

Startup Problems

If you have difficulty starting and keeping your heating system on, this is a sure sign that you need furnace repairs. Problems can be due to faulty wiring, a broken motor, or inefficient pilot light. It’s important to seek repair before it becomes more severe, so you should call a professional today.

Respiratory Problems

Did you know that a broken or inefficient furnace can cause breathing issues throughout your home? Asthma symptoms can worsen, and other chest related illnesses can pop up. When your heating system needs repair it can pump dust, mold, and other pathogens into your air supply. Diminished air quality is definitely a sign that you need furnace repair or replacement.

Heating Inconsistencies

If you can constantly feel a draft when your furnace is on, or some rooms are significantly cooler than others, your furnace is no longer strong enough to heat your entire home. Ice on your roof could also mean that your heat is escaping through your attic instead of being dispersed throughout your living area. A professional tune-up will allow for greater efficiency and heating consistency.


Air condensation may not be an immediate cause for concern of your furnace, but if it keeps up you may be making constant calls for checkups in the future. This can increase the likelihood of replacement as well, as it’s best to only allow two minor furnace issues to occur in a row before you call for a maintenance person.


The average furnace can live 15 to 20 years. If your furnace is over 15, you should start browsing replacement options. A newer furnace will give constant and reliable heat while eliminating repair and maintenance costs. Newer technology is also more efficient, reducing your carbon footprint and making your home more energy efficient.

Strange Odors

It’s normal to smell gas or oil after you turn on your heating system for the first time in a while. If it still lingers after a few consecutive uses, then something isn’t right with your heating system. Contact a specialist right away to diagnose the problem, as strange odors may be more serious than you think. If these substances are leaking, it could result in a fire hazard.

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