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Indoor Air Quality

While spring brings many upsides, including longer days and warmer weather, spring also bring seasonal allergies.  Different allergens, including tree pollen, grass, and insects, cause problems for different people.  

Breathing in fresh, clean air indoors is critical for good health. We spend around 90% of our time indoors so it’s important to ensure the air we’re breathing is clean.  Allergens and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) tend to accumulate inside indoor air.  We need a way to remove them from our homes.

HVAC systems can be enhanced to minimize impurities and allergens.  The objective of an HVAC system is to ensure that an indoor environment is both safe and comfortable for humans.  

Germicidal air purifiers (also called UV HVAC lights) are designed to rid your home’s air of impurities such as VOCs, mildew growth, viruses, and bacteria. While germicidal air purifiers sterilize your home’s air, they don’t remove the microorganisms. That means if you have allergies, they may still bother you since the dust and other contaminants are still present.  A germicidal air purifier will be more effective when paired with a media air cleaner.

We recommend evaluating the air quality in your home and effectiveness of your HVAC system every spring.  Streamline Services provides Indoor Air Quality services and repairs on most brands of equipment, regardless of age.  


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