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5 Types of Water Filters in Raleigh

water filters in Raleigh by Steamline Services

Water Filters in Raleigh

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You might know how the water in your home goes through a treatment plant before it reaches you. However, the treatment can’t clean everything. In addition, it’s still possible for the water to get contaminated on the way to your home. Even fluoride and chlorine, chemicals purposely added to the water for treatment, can have negative effects on your health. If you want to ensure your home’s water is pure, Streamline Services offers a few different types of water filters in Raleigh for you to choose from.

There are five different types of water filters in Raleigh we offer:


Reverse osmosis water filters

Reverse osmosis water filters are one of the more popular types of filters. These filters work by using pressure to force water through a semipermeable membrane. The membrane catches all sorts of contaminants while letting clean water go through. They’re very reliable and effective, but they do generate wastewater as the membrane needs occasional flushing. In addition, the membrane can cause a drop in water pressure.


Countertop and under-counter filters

Countertop and under-counter filters connect directly to your water line to reduce contaminants. These systems are installed under or next to a sink, and can process 450-1500 gallons before they need replacing. Unfortunately, these systems only work on an individual basis. If you want to cover more than one faucet, you’ll need multiple filters or another type of filter entirely.


Tap filters

Also known as faucet-mounted filtration systems, these attach to your faucet and use charcoal filters to remove chlorine and sometimes lead. They’re small, cheap, and very easy to install. All you have to do is screw it onto a faucet in the place of an aerator. However, they can only process about 100 gallons before they wear out. These also have shower head variants to help keep your hair and skin healthy.


Filtered water pitchers

These are water pitchers that contain carbon filters to purify water as you pour it from the pitcher. While affordable, they aren’t very effective and are impractical for anything other than drinking water. In addition, they’re prone to clogging and the filters need regular changing. Finally, they don’t remove heavy metals, fluoride, and microorganisms. In fact, if the filter is used for too long, it can encourage the growth of microorganisms.


Point of entry system

PoE systems filter a household’s supply of water before entering the home. They filter out things like chlorine, sediment, and harmful chemicals. This is more expensive than other filters, but it’s the most effective method if you want house-wide filtration.


What makes Streamline Services a high-quality home services company?

With nearly a century of experience, Streamline Services knows plenty about helping homeowners around Raleigh, NC. Our professionals can help you choose the right water filter for your needs and properly install it to ensure their long-term use. If something goes wrong, we offer 24/7 emergency service for every day, including major holidays. Call Streamline Services today to learn more about our water heaters!

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