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Water Treatments and Filtration Installation

Indoor plumbing has changed the way we as homeowners live nowadays. And even though we come a long way in terms of plumbing for our homes that does not always mean the water we use is good enough to drink or use for cooling unfiltered. Instead of filling up a pitcher of purified water or dealing with frustrating faucet attachments, the team at Streamline Plumbing and Electric will be more than happy to install a whole house water treatment system. These intricate systems that we install utilize advanced technology that filters out impurities before the water reaches your taps. There are several different types of water treatment systems that we have experience servicing for every home.

Carbon filter is the most common type of water treatment system we use, which is also used in filtration water pitchers. Carbon is used to remove odd tastes, odors, and extra chlorine in water. There are filters for each type of mineral commonly found in water system due to the iron to sulfur. Here at Streamline, we can help you decide the best water filtration system by testing your water for impurities and minerals that give your water a poor taste and also harm your health.

Don’t continue to deal with impure and unclean water through your faucets. Instead, call the experts here at Streamline Plumbing and Electric so we can install a water filtration system for your home. These systems need to be maintained and the filter needs to be changed regularly, so let us know when you would like to schedule a routine maintenance check. We know how important water quality is for your home, and giving your family clean water is what we strive to bring you.

Call Streamline Plumbing and Electric today and have your water treatment system installed and start receiving clean water!

Customer Testimonial

"I want to commend Allen from Streamline Plumbing for providing us with wonderful customer service. He took steps to confirm our plumbing issue and then proceeded to give me options for resolution. He was very knowledgeable, courteous and professional as well as a great plumber!!"
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