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Water Treatment

Water treatment guarantees that the water in your home is not making you sick. As water passes through the ground and plumbing systems, it can pick up a number of contaminants that can cause illness to you and your family or damage to your home and belongings. Through treatment methods such as water purification and water softening, you can be assured that your water is safe to use for everything you need it for.

Why you should consider water treatment:

Contaminated water can cause all sorts of issues for, you, your family, your home, and your possessions, spanning from stained appliances, to plumbing problems, to immediate or long term health effects. When it comes to your family’s health, it is never worth taking a risk. Investing in water treatment may also save you money long term as you avoid paying for plumbing problems or replacing damaged appliances or belongings. If past tests have shown you have high levels of contaminants in your water, you have a compromised immune system, you have skin irritation, you have frequent plumbing issues, or you have noticed staining or damage to appliances, clothing, or dishes, your water may not be clean or safe and you should consider water treatment.

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Types of water treatment:

There are multiple water treatment methods that each eliminate different contaminants from water. You can use these methods as a standalone treatment, or combine them to achieve the purest form of water.

  • Water purification: Water purifiers alter water to make is free from bacterial contaminants and viruses through a variety of means. Reverse osmosis systems can effectively remove bacteria and viruses from water. These systems use pressure to force clean water through a semipermeable membrane, while leaving contaminants behind. This technique is one of the most effective and popular methods of water purification. Water filters can be a good option for removing bacteria, if the system is suited to do so. Many filters on the market only filter out chemical contaminants but do not remove viruses or bacteria. Ultraviolet filters are effective in removing bacteria from water, but cannot remove giardia.
  • Water softening: Water softeners are used to correct hard water, which involves excess calcium and magnesium in water. Hard water is linked to health issues such as cardiovascular disease, reproductive issues, growth issues, diabetes, neural diseases and several types of cancer. It can also cause soaps and detergents to work less effectively, creating limescale and residue, which can cause damage to your skin, hair, plumbing, appliances, dishes and clothing. A water softener is an appliance connected to a home’s plumbing system. It works by depositing sodium into the water, which creates an ion exchange, eliminating the calcium and magnesium. Most water softeners are low maintenance and automatically regenerate when the tank becomes too saturated with the calcium and magnesium. These systems can be more expensive than other methods of water treatment, but financing is often available and it is the only way to mitigate the negative effects of hard water.

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Some methods of water purification and water softening do not properly filter out chemical contaminants such as chlorine, lead, mercury, magnesium, chromium, copper, nickel, iron, hydrogen sulfide, and more, so if you are concerned about any chemical contaminants, you may want to use a water filtration system in conjunction with a purifier and/or softener. If you have a problem with the water in your home, or just want cleaner, safer water, a professional can help you determine which water treatment system is for you. He or she and can install it and perform regular maintenance to ensure your water will be pure for years to come.

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