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Raleigh Residents Should Choose Professionals For Clogged Drains


It is hard to imagine a going through a single day without the help of your Raleigh residential plumbing system. You and your family rely on your plumbing system for comfort, convenience, and security. When you are dealing with a slow or clogged drain, you and your family suffer unnecessarily.

Clogged drains can cause many plumbing issues to develop in your Raleigh home. First, your plumbing system depends upon efficient water flow. When a clogged drain is present, it can make the simplest tasks extremely difficult. Clogged drains in Raleigh can also cause major plumbing appliances to malfunction, including garbage disposals and dishwashers.

Second, clogged drains can cause substantial problems at the site of the clog as well. First, clogged drains can cause foul odors to emanate throughout your home. As the organic matter decomposes, it can also cause corrosion within your Raleigh plumbing system.

The professional plumbers at Streamline Plumbing & Electric, Inc. have the drain cleaning solutions that can resolve and eliminate all of these issues. Their drain cleaning services are the preferable way to deal with clogged drains because they do not have any of the negative side effects that store-bought cleaners do. Professional drain cleaning services are preferable to store-bought drain solutions for the following reasons.

Store Bought Cleaners Are Not as Effective

The primary reason Raleigh residents should trust the plumbers at Streamline Plumbing & Electric, Inc. with their clogged drains is that professional drain cleaning services completely remove the obstruction. By completely removing the obstruction, you do not have to deal with a slow drain reclogging quickly after servicing.

In contrast, store-bought drain cleaners often leave portions of the obstruction behind in your plumbing system. This occurs for multiple reasons, primarily because the drain solvent quickly flows past the obstruction once water flow resumes. Also, drain cleaning solutions cannot dissolve certain drain clogs that are composed of inorganic material.

Store Bought Cleaners Cause Plumbing Damage

The professional plumbers at Streamline Plumbing & Electric, Inc. are constantly attuned to maximizing the performance of your Raleigh plumbing system. As such, they pay careful attention to removing the obstruction from your clogged drain while not harming your residential plumbing system.

In contrast, store-bought drain cleaners are designed only to clear the obstruction from your clogged drain. These solvents work by dissolving the matter that is blocking your pipe. In order to accomplish this, these solutions are made of highly caustic and corrosive materials. If you continually clear the same drain with store-bought cleaners, you could be causing substantial damage to your Raleigh plumbing system.

Lastly, because store-bought cleaners are made of caustic materials, they are highly toxic and harmful to the environment. The drain cleaning services provided by the plumbers at Streamline Plumbing & Electric, Inc. are the better choice for your family and the local community.

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